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Sometimes you may not have the time to give your dog the walk he needs and enjoys.

Your local dog walking & pet visiting service York Walkies, can help by providing a reliable, flexible dog walking service for your pet.


What you can expect from York Walkies as a dog walker and pet visitor:

  • I provide a one to one dog walking service, so unless you have more than one dog, or specifically request this and have a friend or neighbour who your dog enjoys walking with, he will not be walked with other dogs and will not spend time travelling by car and waiting for me to collect other dogs.
  • I will come to collect your dog from your home and say “hi” and make a fuss of him. I will spend some time with your dog in your home and will walk him in the local area.
  • I will go at your dog’s pace, providing a brisk walk for dogs raring to go, or a slow, steady amble for an elderly pet.
  • I will walk your dogs in all weather unless it is dangerous to do so, in which case I can provide him with chance to go to the toilet and spend time with him at home to break up the day.
  • I will clean up after your dog during the walk, provide treats for him during the walk, (subject to your instructions and dietary requirements), and towel him dry at the end of the walk.
  • I will ensure that he has fresh water before I leave him and can feed him if needed.
  • I can send you a text after the walk to give you peace of mind. Your dog will return home happy after his walk, and your home left secure.

I will not:

  • Walk your dog with any other pet other than a family member, so I can give him my full attention.
  • Leave your dog’s mess behind.
  • Let your dog off lead

We have an elderly ex racing greyhound, Lydia. She has become a treasured member of our family and has become used to receiving lots of love and cuddles. Now due to her age she is not able to come on holidays with us. We arranged for Tina to care for her whilst we went away.

When I saw Tina with Lydia it was clear she has a natural empathy for dogs. Whilst we were on holiday we exchanged texts and it was clear that Tina had gone the extra mile in meeting her needs – we could tell by the way she talked about Lydia that she was happy and relaxed.

When we went to collect Lydia she looked extremely well and we both thought, “Well Lydia’s had a lovely holiday as well!”

Jane and Rob, York